The dominance of Coronavirus in our news headlines and on media platforms has a strange effect. It’s almost as if people are forgetting that other serious health conditions still can and will happen.

A global pandemic will not reduce occurrences of life-threatening emergencies or chronic medical conditions. Doctors everywhere are becoming concerned that people wrongly perceive hospitals as “unsafe” and are not seeking the medical care they need.

Don’t Wait to Seek Medical Attention

COVID-19 should not compromise an individual’s response to a medical problem during this time. Don’t wait to seek medical care in the event that you or a loved one needs it. Emergency conditions that require a timely response are especially significant, such as stroke, heart disease, childbirth, or traumatic injury.

A heart attack offers a perfect example as to why that is. Mere seconds can make a difference when it comes to a cardiac event. Getting to the ER so a cardiologist can diagnose your condition can save your life, as well as reduce the likeliness of future complications.

Should I Be Nervous About Going to the Hospital During a Pandemic?

It is expected that patients may be more anxious than normal about going into hospital facilities during this time. However, Catholic Health is taking extreme measures to safeguard both caregivers and patients during this “new normal”. 

Every day, the Catholic Health system takes steps to prioritize the safety of our caregivers and patients. Our healthcare professionals remain committed to the right way to care — even in these unprecedented times. If you or a loved one is in need, don’t wait. The hospital is still the safest place for you to be. 


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