What is Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy (Broken Heart Syndrome)?

February 29, 2024 | Cardiac, Services

We all experience emotional stress, but did you know that it can negatively affect our cardiac health? Stress is part of everyday life, but being unable to cope with it or letting emotions routinely get the best of us can lead to serious health consequences....

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Know the Difference: Heart Attack Symptoms in Men vs. Women

February 5, 2024 | Cardiac, Services

Heart disease remains the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States. Coronary heart disease, where one or more of the arteries are blocked, is the leading cause of heart attacks. The American Heart Association estimates an American has a...

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Should Student Athletes Have Cardiac Screenings as Part of Their Yearly Physicals?

January 25, 2024 | Cardiac, Mercy Hospital of Buffalo

A spotlight was placed on sudden cardiac arrest cases recently as more reports come out involving student and professional athletes. Sudden cardiac arrest is defined as the immediate loss of all heart function. This means when the heart stops beating, the...

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Heart Attacks in Young Americans are Trending Upward in the Last 20 Years

September 18, 2023 | Cardiac, Services

When you think of heart attacks, you probably picture an older male in his 50s or 60s as the likely candidate for a heart attack. You probably also think that an attack is sudden, with chest-clutching pain, followed by collapsing on the floor. It may surprise...

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Cardiac Arrest vs. Heart Attack

June 29, 2023 | Ask the Expert, Cardiac

Cardiac arrest and heart attacks are both extremely dangerous conditions that require immediate medical attention. Many people confuse the two and use the terms interchangeably, but they are not the same. The American Heart Association describes cardiac...

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Steps to Vascular Health

May 10, 2023 | Ask the Expert, Cardiac, Services, Vascular

You’ve probably heard the saying “get your steps in”, and the recommendation to aim for 10,000 steps a day. When measured, 10,000 steps equates to 5 miles, which is a lot of walking. While it’s a great goal to walk 5 miles every day, it’s not...

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Healing Your Heart with Cardiac Rehab

February 17, 2023 | Cardiac, Services

If you suffer from a heart condition, or just had heart surgery or a heart attack, you may have heard your doctor mention starting a cardiac rehabilitation program. Cardiac rehab is a program designed to help people stay healthy and prevent another cardiac...

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What is Considered a Heart-Healthy Diet?

February 14, 2023 | Cardiac, Healthy Living

Diet plays a huge role when it comes to our overall health. Poor nutrition can lead to a myriad of issues, like obesity, diabetes, tooth decay, even cancer. It can also raise your risk of dying from a stroke or heart disease. The “cardiac diet” is an...

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What is Congestive Heart Failure?

February 8, 2023 | Cardiac, Services

Congestive heart failure is a serious condition that develops gradually over time. Congestive heart failure is when the heart doesn’t pump efficiently, causing fluid to build up in your lungs, ankles, feet, arms, and/or around other organs. Congestive heart...

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Catholic Health’s Nationally Recognized Heart Center Doesn’t Skip a Beat

December 23, 2022 | Cardiac, Mercy Hospital of Buffalo

Kenmore resident Joan LaDuca celebrated her 100th birthday last December with a newly-mended heart. Her doctors and the cardiac team from the Catholic Health Heart Center at Mercy Hospital were pleased to play an important role in the centenarian’s ongoing...

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