Our outpatient physical therapy services recently created a conservative approach to treating neck and back pain with the goal to reduce suffering and disability, while allowing people to return to the lifestyle they enjoy.

The Catholic Health Outpatient Spine Program aims to improve the clinical care of our patients and reduce the out-of-pocket cost of spinal care. How does it work? With a focus on personalized recovery plans and targeted self-treatment practices, the program reduces the number of physical therapy and office visits and decreases the amount of imaging, injections, and reliance on opioids.

Comprehensive Spine Treatment

Our team of physicians and physical therapists have advanced training in the latest physical therapy techniques. Taking into account each patient’s condition, the spine care team works closely together to ensure they have the best possible outcomes. The Catholic Health Spine Team also includes spine surgeons and specialists in physiatry and pain psychology, addressing spine care from treatment to recovery.

This interdisciplinary approach is proven to better the health of our patients. During the program’s development, we continuously surveyed our patients to monitor their physical mobility, pain levels, and physical and emotional challenges. Overall, it was reported that each of these areas was improved with the help of the Outpatient Spine Program.

If you suffer from sudden or chronic neck and back pain, the expert team in our Outpatient Spine Program can help. This highly skilled program is offered at our Catholic Health outpatient physical therapy locations in East Aurora, Orchard Park, West Seneca, Cheektowaga, and Niagara Falls. Call (716) 706-2112 to find out more.


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