Pictured: “Thank You” Message from Dakota at Notre Dame Academy

A message from Eddie Bratko, Shari McDonald, and Dr. Timothy Gabryel:

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank our entire Mercy family for the outstanding response and teamwork displayed in this COVID-19 crisis. We appreciate all your hard work and commitment to our community and to each other. We are collaborating with all services across Catholic Health to fight this battle and we stand ready on the front lines.

As Catholic Health President and CEO Mark Sullivan reminds us, you are our “Healthcare Heroes.” We have the utmost respect for you and our community feels the same way too!

Here are just a few messages we received from our community, showing what your hard work and dedication means to them.

Notre Dame Academy

Students from the nearby Notre Dame Academy are sending staff “virtual thank you cards”. We will be sharing these through e-mail and Mercy Hospital Facebook. They wrote:

“Please let your hard-working staff know that their ‘neighbors’ at Notre Dame Academy are praying for them and are so very appreciative of what they are doing for our community.”

Wegmans (West Seneca)

Wegmans on Orchard Park Road in West Seneca donated lots of snacks and refreshments to our staff. They sent this message to you:

“To our heroes in healthcare: Thank you for what you do every day, but especially in times of need. We are inspired by your dedication to helping others. We support you, as you help our community through this crisis.”

Girl Scout Troop 31262

Girl Scout Troop 31262 dropped off 36 boxes of Girl Scout cookies that were purchased by friends and family of the scouts to be donated to Mercy staff. They wrote in their letter:

“… we wanted to do this for the people in our community who are stepping up their normal duties and don’t have the luxury of staying home. We are all challenged in unprecedented ways, and we can’t imagine how much more stressful things have been for you all recently. Let these cookies be a small token of our appreciation. We are so very thankful for you all and are keeping you in our thoughts during this crazy time.”

More to Come

These messages from our community are just a start! There are many more to come as we continued to gather them and find new ways to share them with you. It’s just one way, we want to thank you for everything you do!

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