When I needed a hip replacement, my orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Nicholas Violante, selected Kenmore Mercy Hospital for the procedure. From the time I first stepped into the hospital for my pre-op visit, I came away with the impression that they run a tight ship. Trust me; this goes a long way toward reassuring a patient.

As a business owner, I pay attention to details. Our approach at Ogorek Wealth Management LLC, is similar to that of Kenmore Mercy in that we both work with people who are facing potentially life changing decisions and are looking for above average outcomes, delivered in a friendly and non-judgmental atmosphere. With 30 years of experience, I recognize those organizations that are on top of their game.

Judging from that perspective – and as a recent patient – I can tell you, Kenmore Mercy Hospital is one well-run organization.

From pre-surgical testing to the actual surgical area to 2 South/Orthopedic unit, everyone I encountered had a positive attitude about the benefits their team could deliver. Dr. Violante used a minimally invasive joint replacement procedure called “anterior hip,” which helped me get back to my life more quickly. I was only at Kenmore Mercy from Friday to Sunday afternoon, but in the short time I was there, the staff members put my mind at ease and made me feel well cared for.

As I was wheeled to the door at discharge-and stood to get into the vehicle, I did so easily and walked without experiencing much pain at all. I left the hospital grateful for the attentive and compassionate care they delivered. I found out Kenmore Mercy recently earned the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for knee and hip replacement. As a former patient, I can understand why. It’s the only area hospital to receive this quality certification.

They are that good.

I am an active person, an avid golfer, and I go to the gym five days a week. I have had no complications from the hip replacement and I am back to my workout routine. I can’t wait to play golf, which I plan to do on a trip down south later this month.

Honoring Dr. Violante on Doctors’ Day

Dr. Nicholas Violante chose Kenmore Mercy Hospital for my hip replacement surgery. But now I have made the choice to recognize Dr. Violante on National Doctors’ Day. It’s a day of celebration to recognize special caregivers like those at Kenmore Mercy Hospital.

I am writing to ask you to make an important choice, too. Please consider donating to Kenmore Mercy Foundation and support their high quality of care. If you have had your own great experience with a doctor or caregiver at Kenmore Mercy Hospital, this is your opportunity to honor them as well.

Given a choice for hip replacement, I would definitely recommend Kenmore Mercy Hospital to any patient. While you’re reading about my experience, please consider making a donation today. Thank you for your support of Kenmore Mercy’s tradition of excellence.

– Anthony J. Ogorek, Ed.D., CFP

Donate to the Kenmore Mercy Foundation

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A Letter from Walter Ludwig, President & CEO of Kenmore Mercy Hospital

As the new President and CEO of Kenmore Mercy Hospital, I receive feedback every day from former patients and their families that highlight our outstanding physicians and clinical support team members. I truly treasure these conversations.

When a patient or their loved one takes the time to express their appreciation, my leadership team and I are constantly reminded of the outstanding medical team at Kenmore Mercy Hospital. I am so grateful that Tony shared his experience with me and with you. While it is true that many procedures similar to Tony’s take place at Kenmore each day, we pride ourselves on treating each individual patient uniquely. As most patients are, Tony was eager to get back to his regular life, and I am proud that Kenmore Mercy played an important role in attaining that goal thanks to the specialized care he received.

Your donation to Kenmore Mercy Foundation for Kenmore Mercy Hospital or the McAuley Residence, can positively influence the care and wellbeing of patients for years to come. Together, the hospital and the Foundation work to maintain a high level of qualified and experienced medical personnel and the most state-of-the-art technology. It is this partnership that has allowed Kenmore Mercy to achieve awards such as Magnet Recognition® as well as an “A” Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade. We are extremely proud of these accomplishments and humbled by the support we receive from the community, which helped us achieve them.

I hope that you will join Tony and pay tribute to one of our fine Physicians or caregivers at Kenmore Mercy Hospital or the McAuley Residence. I know that your gift, as well as your thoughts, will be appreciated and immediately put to good work!

– Walter Ludwig, President & CEO, Kenmore Mercy Hospital

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