With new COVID cases up 1000% in the New York State and the Delta variant linked to 80% of them, Governor Cuomo has asked all healthcare heroes who led the battle throughout the pandemic to continue the fight by getting vaccinated for COVID-19.

Catholic Health will comply with today’s mandate by Governor Cuomo to have all of its hospital and long-term care associates vaccinated for COVID-19 by September 27. “As always, associate and patient safety is our top priority,” said Mark Sullivan, President & CEO of Catholic Health. “We believe in the efficacy of the vaccine and want to do all we can to reduce the effects of COVID-19 on our healthcare team and people throughout our community.”

More than 73% of Catholic Health’s associates are already vaccinated for COVID-19. “We will work within the guidance of the New York State Department of Health to put a plan in place to meet this directive for the remainder of our workforce,” Sullivan continued. “As a leader in the vaccine rollout in Western New York, we continue to encourage all members of our community who are eligible, to receive the vaccine.”

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