As advancements have been made in sleep medicine, more patients are opting for sleep studies that can be done in the comfort of their own home. Due to this growing trend, and lower in-lab sleep study volume, we have identified an opportunity to modify and consolidate operations at our sleep centers at Kenmore Mercy Hospital and Sisters Hospital, St. Joseph Campus.

Effective May 1, we will consolidate all in-lab sleep studies to St. Joseph Campus, while Kenmore Mercy will continue to offer home studies. The sleep lab at St. Joseph Campus, which will continue to provide home sleep studies, will be undergoing renovations to accommodate up to six inpatients. Primary care physicians throughout Catholic Health should refer inpatient sleep studies to St. Joseph Campus while outpatient studies can be referred to either location.

There are many opportunities at Kenmore Mercy and across Catholic Health for associates who are currently working in the Kenmore Mercy Sleep Center. Human Resources is working with displaced staff to find new positions within our system.

Catholic Health has a long history of excellence in our sleep medicine program including accreditation by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, which represents the highest quality in the field of sleep disorders. We are confident this transition of sleep lab services will allow us to deliver and build upon the quality of care we are known for and would like to thank our sleep lab teams for their support during this transition.

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