We know how exciting, and at times stressful, labor and delivery can be for families. Add the current health crisis to those mix of emotions and it can also be overwhelming.

At Catholic Health, we would like to assure our community that maternity services at Mercy Hospital of Buffalo, Sisters of Charity Hospital in Buffalo, and Mount St. Mary’s Hospital in Lewiston will remain open with full services available throughout the duration of the Coronavirus public health emergency.

“As we recognize the miracle of birth and the treasured moments a newborn brings, Catholic Health is committed to honoring our mothers’ birth plans and maintaining a beautiful birth experience for our patients. This will not change during these trying times. We are already seeing our new parents taking full advantage of technology for virtual visits with family and friends, plus the ‘Golden Hour’ of peaceful time for a new family to bond has now been extended to a ‘golden opportunity’ of uninterrupted bonding with their new baby.”

Mary Ann Murphy
Director of Maternal Child Services, Mercy Hospital of Buffalo

Limited Visitation Protects Everyone

All Catholic Health Maternity and Labor and Delivery Units are operating as usual, with the exception of limiting visitation to protect our patients, babies and staff.

These are our visitation guidelines:

  • Visitation is limited to one support person (significant other, family, friend, etc.) during labor & delivery and throughout the mom’s inpatient stay.
  • Parents of babies in our NICUs will both be allowed to visit.
  • Anyone who enters a Catholic Health facility (including doctors and staff) will be expected to complete a verbal health screening and temperature check.

Additional Information

Women who are in need of OB/GYN services are welcome to contact us at (716) 447-6205 for help finding a care practitioner close to them.

Our partners at Trinity Medical OB/GYN are also accepting new patients with offices conveniently located in West Seneca, East Aurora, and Buffalo’s Delaware District. You can find out more about those offices by visiting trinitymedicalwny.org.


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