Childbirth at Sisters Hospital

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Sisters of Charity Hospital is unlike any other maternity hospital in Western New York. Our personal approach and genuine love for what we do makes Sisters Hospital the setting in which more families are choosing to deliver their babies.

Among what sets us apart:

  • Private patient rooms
  • Room service for meals, just like at a hotel
  • In-room massages, available by request
  • Critical care units for moms and babies who require intensive care
  • A gift bag for new parents that includes a Halo sleep sack and a one-year milestone calendar

Tour Our Hospital

To schedule a tour of our maternity unit, please contact us several weeks before your due date. Call HealthConnection at (716) 706-2112.

If you are attending one of our Prepared Childbirth classes, your tour is scheduled as part of your program. You do not need to make separate arrangements.

Birthing Rooms

Sisters Hospital Birthing Room

We have 12 labor and delivery suites. Two new rooms were added in 2014. All birthing rooms have modern equipment and fetal monitors that allow you to walk and move during labor. Should you need a cesearan section, our operating rooms are on the same floor, just steps away.

Special BirthPlace

Following the birth of your child, you will be admitted to our Special BirthPlace to rest and bond with your baby.

In the Special BirthPlace, one nurse may care for up to six patients; by maintaining this ratio, we're able to spend as much time as needed with each patient.

Dimmer lights in our patient rooms make it possible for babies to stay comfortably with mom and dad. If babies are returned to the nursery, they will receive care from RNs who are specially trained to understand the clinical and emotional needs of mother and baby. In the nursery, one nurse may care for up to six babies.

Private Patient Rooms

There are 29 standard patient rooms in the Family BirthPlace; all are private and include a private shower and bath. Standard rooms include a sleeper sofa for a visitor to spend the night.

On the rare occasion that all private rooms are occupied, semi-private rooms are offered.

Special Beginnings Suites

You may also choose to stay in a Special Beginnings suite, depending on availability. Two suites, available for an additional $100 per night, include:

  • a 32” flat screen TV
  • a refrigerator stocked with refreshments
  • a coffee maker with specialty coffees, teas and hot chocolate
  • a pullout sleeper sofa with a twin mattress for a guest to stay overnight
  • wireless internet capability
  • a free 30-minute massage for mom
  • a gift basket for parents and baby


The Special Beginnings Suites are available on a first come, first serve basis for all patients, including those who have a scheduled birth, and cannot be reserved in advance.

When you arrive in Labor and Delivery, please let your nurse know of your preference.

After you deliver, we will let you know if a suite is available, and your husband or a family member will be asked to pay the suite charge at the business office.

If a suite is not available, you will have the option of being added to a waiting list and transferred should one become available during your hospital stay.

We do our best to ensure that you have your suite for your entire stay. We try not to move postpartum patients for their safety and convenience.

Room Service

At Sisters Hospital, meals are delivered much like room service at a hotel. Patients can call our "At Your Service" room service number (5777) any time between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. and order food of their choosing.

Each meal is cooked-to-order, prepared with fresh ingredients, and every tray is delivered within 45 minutes or less of the time it is ordered.


We have a massage therapy department on-site. You can request a massage for relaxation or if a physician orders it for therapeutic reasons. Click here for rates.

A free 30-minute massage is included for moms who stay in our Special Beginnings Suites.

I gave birth to my first child here 9 years ago, and I absolutely loved it.

The staff was very nice and knowledgeable. They answered all of my questions and made sure that we were both well cared for. I'll be back in the next few weeks with my second, and I know that we're in very good hands at Sisters of Charity Hospital!

– Rachel Bars

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

We are a Level III NICU specifically designed for acutely ill or premature babies.

Our NICU sets us apart from other hospitals who cannot provide this level of care and who must transport actutely ill or premature babies to a different facility, separating mom and baby.

At Sisters Hospital, both mother and child receive care at the same place and in a matter of minutes, resulting in the best outcomes possible.

In our NICU, one nurse is assigned to only two or three babies so that each child receives the care needed for optimum health.

Suites for Parents

We have two suites available for parents to bond with their baby in the NICU.

Prior to discharge, parents are encouraged to spend the night with their baby in the suites. This gives parents the opportunity to gain confidence in caring for their baby. The suites are assigned as available.

Friends and family members are also welcome to visit. Click here for more information about visitors in the NICU

After Your Visit

If you have questions about your baby after your visit, you can obtain the most up-to-date information about your baby by calling (716) 862-1271. Feel free to call anytime but understand that information will only be released to the parents. You will be asked for your baby’s ID number each time you visit or call.

Cuddler Program

For babies in the NICU, cuddling can lead to better tolerance of pain, more stable body temperatures and stronger vital signs.

The NICU Cuddler Program at Sisters of Charity Hospital supports the development and growth of premature babies by providing advanced volunteer “cuddlers”.  The volunteers are hospital-trained to interact with premature babies during times when their parents can’t be with them at the hospital.

Our volunteers put babies at ease in the midst of beeping monitors and the echo of machines at work. The cuddlers hold the babies, read to them or quietly sing to them. This serene interaction provides comfort and appropriate stimulation, which helps premature infants to grow faster and hopefully go home sooner. Volunteers do not feed, change diapers or walk around with the babies.

Our cuddlers go through extensive training beyond what is required of a typical volunteer at the hospital. They must maintain strict infection control practices, in addition to all the hospital and NICU policies and confidentiality requirements.