Visitors During & After Childbirth

Visitors in the Labor & Delivery Room

We welcome your family to share in the experience of labor, as long as there is no disruption to other patients and guests do not interfere with our ability to provide safe care.

During delivery, the hospital allows for two visitors, with the approval of your physician.

For C-sections, only one support person is permitted in the operating room.

Toddlers may visit after the delivery of your baby. They may not stay overnight. They must also have their own coach, in case they need to leave the room. Children may not be in the labor and delivery room unattended.

To respect your privacy, guests may be asked to leave the room periodically for certain procedures or tasks.

Visitors in the Postpartum Unit

Visiting Hours

Fathers may visit 24 hours a day.

For all other guests, we recommend that they visit during visiting hours to allow our patients adequate rest.

Age Requirements

Children under 14 can visit their new sibling as long as they are free from illness (i.e. cold and flu) and have adult supervision.

All visitors other than siblings must be over the age of 14.

Overnight Visitors

The father of your baby, or a support person, is welcome to stay overnight with you at the hospital.

Visitor Restrictions

If you would like to prevent certain individuals from visiting, please tell your nurse that you would like a visitor restriction and give him or her the name of the individual being restricted.

We will share this information with the front desk and the switchboard.

Visitors in the NICU

Parents are welcome to visit their babies in the NICU at any time. All other visitors, including relatives, must be accompanied by a parent to preserve patient privacy and the safety of our newborns.

If your baby is in the NICU, a parking pass will be provided to you by the unit social worker. For all other visitors, parking rates apply.


Mercy Hospital and Sisters Hospital charge a small fee for visitor parking.

Free valet parking is provided for mom and baby on the day of discharge.

Parking is free at Mount St. Mary's Hospital.