Keeping it Local: Catholic Health Funds Community Benefit Grants

The following are the recipients of the 2019-2020 Catholic Health Community Benefit Grants include:

  • Buffalo City Mission New Building: A One-Stop-Shop for food, shelter, primary care medical clinic, $10,000/-
  • Little Portion Friary Homeless Shelter: Healthcare for the Homeless, $10,000/-
  • Kenmore United Methodist Church and Pre-school: Better Nutrition through Education and Fresh Foods, $2,500/-
  • Response to Love Center: Wholistic Approach to Healthy Living, $10,000/-
  • Save the Michaels of the World (STM): STM Access to Treatment and Aftercare, $10,000/-
  • Mercy Comprehensive Care Center: Mercy Hospital Stroke Support Group, $10,000/-
  • Canopy of Neighbors: New pathways to aging well in Buffalo, $10,000/-
  • Community Missions, Inc.: Improving Food Access through Client Choice & Supports, $10,000/-
  • Red Thread Theatre Inc.: A Conversation with OxyContin, $3,500/-

One of the innovative ways Catholic Health is leading the transformation of healthcare in Western New York is by extending our ministry to other organizations whose work has a direct impact on the health of our community. For the fourth year, we have allocated a portion of our net income for Community Benefit Grants. By working with community-based organizations like yours, we can better address the social determinants of health as outlined in the New York State Prevention Agenda, and other unmet health needs.

At Catholic Health, the care we provide to our community extends beyond the walls of our hospitals and health centers. As a faith-based healthcare ministry, we have a sacred and foundational purpose to serve those in need. Like many of our community partners, our ministries were established not for economic opportunity, but to improve the lives of those we serve.