Faith Community Nurse Program

While Catholic Health is grounded in the tradition and teachings of the Catholic Church, we also recognize that many faith traditions have a link in their beliefs to the health and care of the believer. Churches have always been places of healing and wholeness so it seems appropriate that Catholic Health initiated a Faith Community Nurse Program to work within existing church communities to train nurses to be health educators, counselors, and resources for members of their congregations. Churches are and have always been places of healing. By creating a health ministry, you can care for the whole person: mind, body and spirit.

As a member of our program, we will bring health screenings and presentations to your congregation while you can offer the same screenings to the surrounding community. We'll work with you to assess your congregation's health needs and assist you in developing your program.

A Faith Community Nurse is a Registered Professional Nurse tha) acts as a health educator, health counselor/advisor/advocate and coordinator. He or she does not provide hands-on care, but will listen to concerns and refer the individual to healthcare providers and resources. This Faith Community Nurse should be a member of your congregation. Faith Community Nurse training information will be provided.

Cannot identify an RN within the congregation? The Congregational Health Promoter Training offers those, within the congregation and interested in health promotion, an opportunity to learn about health ministry, how to spot health concerns, and recommend appropriate referral sites. Call for more information.

Open to All Faith Communities

While Catholic Health is grounded in the Judeo Christian tradition “to preach the kingdom of God and to heal” (Luke 9:2), we know that many faith traditions have a link in their beliefs to the health and care of the believer.

We will assist communities of all faiths in establishing health communities.

Past Participating Churches & Faith Organizations

Carol Mathner, RN, FCN St. Benedict RC Church
Judy Reifsteck, RN, FCN Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
Lois Tripp, RN, FCN St. Peter’s Episcopal Church
Patricia Raab, RN, FCN Nativity of Our Lord RC Church
Kathleen Shanahan, RN, FCN Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church – Orchard Park
Sherry Pomeroy, RN, FCN Orchard Park Presbyterian Church
Shtara Redden, RN, FCN Edison Street Community Church
Deborah Coplin-Hall, RN, FCN St. Luke A.M.E. Zion Church
Sandra Carter, RN, FCN Mt. Arron Baptist Church

Bring the Program to Your Ministry

Learn how to bring the Faith Community Nurse Program to your ministry (PDF).

Congregational Health Promoter Course

For more information and to register for the Fall 2022 Congregational Health Promoter Course click here.


Questions? Contact Yvonne Askew, MSN. Ed., RN-BC, FCN, Faith Community Nurse Program Coordinator at (716) 923-9672 or at