Sacred Encounters

Sacred Encounters

Every day, throughout all of Catholic Health, sacred moments are happening and these stories are just waiting to be told. Many of these are the remarkable stories that we call Sacred Encounters.

What are Sacred Encounters?

Sacred Encounters are about the moments when we as caregivers find deeper meaning in our daily work. We become aware of God working with us and through us; even in our most ordinary activities we realize we are serving as God’s hands on earth. These moments when our work suddenly touches on something significant and extraordinary are unforgettable. Such sacred encounters are worth sharing – to inspire, comfort, and reassure others. These sacred encounters are about the larger spiritual dimension of the care we provide and the difference it makes.

Sacred Encounters may have one or more of these characteristics:

  • Reveal God’s love and presence in our daily work throughout Catholic Health
  • Convey the sacred nature of our work in caring for our patients, their families, and one another
  • Share how we find meaning and purpose in our ministry of healthcare
  • Reflect team efforts that are transformative and strengthen our resiliency