Clinical Programs

Academic Partnership Programs (APU)

Catholic Health launched the Academic Partnership Program (APU) in the fall of 2022, strengthening our collaboration with many of the surrounding universities and colleges throughout Western New York.

The APU was designed with a primary goal in mind: to help students succeed. With a focus on students' academic and clinical achievements, the program enriches nursing education through the shared skillsets and knowledge between higher education organizations and Catholic Health. Academic approaches learned in the classroom are integrated into the clinical setting, creating an enhanced clinical experience.

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Working Side-by-side with Experienced Nurses

Students will be paired with a nurse each clinical day. This offers them more opportunities to learn skills, perform procedures and understand the collaborative approach to patient care in the healthcare setting. During their clinical experience, they will develop a realistic understanding of nursing practice by learning prioritization and organizational skills from a professional experienced nurse.

Those taking part in the program will be exposed to critical thinking skills and see the real-time impact their care has on patient outcomes. By working closely with bedside RNs, nursing students will be exposed to more patients and disease processes than in a traditional clinical setting.

How does this benefit our nursing students?

  • Prepares nurses and graduates to practice in the continually changing healthcare environment
  • Provides a stability of clinical rotation, reducing the need to constantly adapt to different hospitals and allowing students to focus on clinical education
  • Exposure to more clinical opportunities to perform procedures
  • Reduces faculty strain and student time gaps leading to more exposure to patient care
  • Establishes nursing students as part of the care team, as opposed to a visiting student
  • Creates a bridge between clinical competency and new graduate expectations

Catholic Health's APU helps students integrate the Evidence Based Practice they learned in the classroom into the clinical setting, ultimately leading to better care at the bedside. It creates qualified nursing graduates that feel confident to progress in their nursing career by establishing a stable clinical environment that they can grow and learn in.

Summer Nursing Internship

Catholic Health offers a limited number of paid summer internships for students in a nursing program. This internship offers students hands-on learning experience, while working alongside our skilled nursing team. It's a great introduction to the care provided throughout Catholic Health.

Qualified applicants must be currently enrolled in a New York State College or University nursing program, have completed their junior year (third semester), and are entering their senior year (fourth semester) or graduating in December.

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8 – Week Paid internship Prepare for the real work of professional nursing. This full time paid internship will begin on Monday June 12, 2023 and end on Sunday August 6 ,2023.
Professional Nurse Preceptor Collaborate with your nurse preceptor to provide evidence-based care to patients in a variety of settings.
Supervised Clinical Experience Expand your organizational, time management, prioritization, and critical thinking skills while enhancing clinical skills.
Professional Development Concentrate on your professional growth and development while networking with peers and Nursing Leaders at Catholic Health.
Future Opportunities Take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your professionalism, enthusiasm, and clinical skills to potential employers.

Apply for the Summer Nurse Internship Program

Applications for the 2023 Summer paid student nurse internship are being accepted until April 7, 2023. Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered: your application, cover letter including goals and objectives, resume, official transcript, and (2) letters of recommendation (at least one must be from a clinical instructor) are needed in order for your application to be considered complete.

To apply, please follow the steps below

Contact Clinical Education for more information. 

*Due to New York State regulations we are unable to open our internship to students attending schools outside of New York State