Heroin Addiction

Heroin AddictionAt Catholic Health, we offer two basic forms of heroin abuse treatment: outpatient and inpatient.

Pathways Outpatient Program

Pathways offers patients addicted to heroin or prescription drugs receive medication assisted treatment, including methadone, Vivitrol, or Suboxone to control withdrawal symptoms. This medication is provided in conjunction with counseling services to help patients manage their addictions.

Mount St. Mary's Hospital Inpatient Program

Mount St. Mary's Hospital offers inpatient treatment for heroin addiction. The average length of stay is 19 days but varies depending on insurance. You will receive 24-hour service and be able to remove yourself from negative environments and friends. This can be the key to recovery, as it allows you to remove yourself from triggers, while you learn to live without heroin. Around-the-clock therapy and medical support can help you to focus on your recovery. Call (716) 298-2115 for more information.