No one expects to receive a cancer diagnosis, but when it happens it's important to receive treatment you can rely on. Catholic Health has a large team of oncologists who have the experience you need to get through your cancer treatment journey.

An oncologist is a doctor who specializes in treating people with cancer. This doctor manages care and treatment once a person is diagnosed with cancer.

  • A medical oncologist treats cancer with chemotherapy (the use of drugs to kill cancer cells).
  • A radiation oncologist treats cancer with radiation therapy (the use of high-energy x-rays or other particles to kill cancer cells).
  • A gynecologic oncologist focuses on the care and treatment of women with gynecologic cancers, such as uterine cancer and cervical cancer.

Provided Services

Our oncologists diagnose and treat many types of cancer. You can lean on their compassion and knowledge of leading-edge cancer treatments like chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery.

We also have oncologists who specialize in the treatment of:

  • Lung cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Gynecologic cancers
  • Head and neck cancer

These doctors have advanced knowledge in these cancer areas, allowing them to provide you with more focused, personalized care.

Cancer Treatment at Catholic Health

Our cancer care team at Catholic Health will establish a treatment plan for you based on your diagnosis and personal wishes. We also offer outpatient chemotherapy services for your comfort and convenience.

Call for a Consultation

Your primary care provider may refer you to a particular Catholic Health oncologist or you may call to schedule a consultation with one of our specialists. To schedule an appointment, please call (716) 706-2112.