Support When You Need It Most

Whether this is your first time seeking treatment or you need additional care, the addiction management professionals at Catholic Health are here for you.

Like any other chronic condition, addiction requires tailored treatments and lifelong care. Our addiction management programs will help you regain control. We strive to provide the best in addiction treatment so you can stay close to home with the support of your family and friends nearby.

It is never too late to seek treatment. Our team is compassionate and respects your privacy. Call (716) 298-2115 to speak to one of our team members today.

Addiction Treatment at Catholic Health

Treatment depends on the severity of your addiction and the type of drug you use. We plan your treatment around your needs. While some people only need to see a counselor, others need medical treatment that requires a stay in the hospital or treatment center.

Substance Treatment and Recovery Program (STAR)

Our Substance Treatment and Recovery Program (STAR) offers outpatient alcohol and drug counseling. Learn more.

Pathways Program

Our Pathways Program provides medication-assisted treatment for heroin or prescription drug addiction. Medicines such as methadone, Vivitrol or Suboxone help control the withdrawal symptoms associated with heroin or prescription drug addiction. When combined with counseling, medication-assisted treatment can help you manage your condition.

Learn more:

Clearview Treatment Services

We provide inpatient treatment for alcohol and drug addiction at Mount St. Mary's Hospital. The Clearview Inpatient Rehabilitation Program is a confidential program dedicated to the holistic care of men and women whose lives have been affected by alcohol and/or drugs.

24-hour care and medical support will help keep the focus on recovery. Here, patients can remove themselves from negative environments and acquaintances. This can be the key to recovery as it allows them to remove themselves from triggers. Services also include:

  • Traditional recovery program, as well as non-traditional approaches to meet individual needs (may include methadone maintenance from our professionally trained and compassionate staff)
  • Specialized women's and men's programming, including services for pregnant women and help with domestic violence, trauma, and mental health issues
  • Pastoral and other spiritual guidance available

Clearview is a 28-day program, however, a patient’s stay may be shorter or longer depending on individual circumstances. Please call us for more information about this program at (716) 298-2115.