Preparing for Joint Replacement Surgery

After you and your doctor have decided that joint replacement is an option for you, there are a few things that need to happen before your surgery.

Attend a Pre-operative Class

Pre-operative classes are offered at Kenmore Mercy Hospital and at Sisters of Charity Hospital, St. Joseph Campus.

Two to four weeks prior to your surgery, you should attend a pre-operative class at the hospital. You will learn how to prepare for surgery, pre-operative exercises, precautions, how to manage your pain and other issues that may arise during your joint replacement journey.

You will be contacted to register for class after your surgeon schedules your surgery with the hospital.

Get Medical Clearance

Before you have your surgery, it is important for your primary care doctor to evaluate your current health status. Your doctor may order additional testing or evaluation in order to optimize your medical status prior to undergoing joint replacement surgery.

Schedule Pre-admission Testing (2 Weeks Before Surgery)

You will be called to schedule pre-admission testing at the hospital two weeks prior to your surgery date. Please be sure you are ready for your appointment and bring the following:

  • your insurance card
  • another form of identification (driver’s license, etc.)
  • all of your medications, prescription and over-the-counter (this includes vitamins), in their original containers; you will receive instructions from pre-admission testing on what medications, if any should be stopped before surgery and what medications, if any, need to be taken the morning of your surgery.
  • a completed New York State Health Care Proxy form. Please ask for this at registration or download a copy.

You will be asked questions concerning pain levels, tobacco, alcohol and drug use. Be honest when answering these questions. Your answers will help us in planning your care.

To learn more about medical clearance and pre-admission testing, view the video below, which was prepared by Kenmore Mercy Hospital.

Prepare Your Home

Setting up your home for your return will help make you more comfortable during recovery. In anticipation of your return home, you may want to stock up on non perishable or easily prepared food items. “Fall-proof” your home by removing throw rugs, electrical cords, foot stools and clutter in your walking path.

Keep in mind that your walking path must be at least 21 inches wide to accommodate any assistive devices (walker, cane) that you will need when you return home.

If you are having hip surgery, a stable chair with a firm back, arms, and a high seat will allow you to get up easily.

Do Pre-operative Exercises

In preparation for your total joint replacement surgery, we encourage you to perform specific exercises at least one week before your surgery.

Do these exercises two times daily to condition and strengthen your muscles prior to surgery. The condition of your muscles will determine how many repetitions you will be able to do. This can vary from five to eight repetitions per exercise to twenty to thirty repetitions. Do as many repetitions as possible, but do not cause strain.

To learn the exercises, watch the video below, which was prepared by Kenmore Mercy Hospital.