Priority Project for Sisters Hospital Foundation

Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Renovation

Sisters Hospital Foundation has pledged $1 million towards the aesthetic renovation of our Main Street Campus Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Last modified in 1994, our ICU is a 16 bed unit that serves our most critically ill patients and is critical to hospital operations. With the support of donor dollars over the next year, the unit will undergo upgrades to their nursing stations, countertops, cabinetry, computer equipment, flooring and wall coverings and more.

Nurse’s stations of the past were designed for the nursing and care delivery practices of 1990 and are no longer appropriate or adequate for today's healthcare delivery models. In 1990 when this unit was built the nurse's station was solely occupied by nurses. All of the real estate in the drawers, rooms and desktop was their domain. Today and with our healthcare delivery model the nurse’s station is shared with nutritionists, pharmacists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech therapists, physician's, physician assistants and Nurse Practitioners.

In 1990 there were no MAK devices (Medication Administration equipment), computers, monitors, keyboards, computer mice, label makers, physiological monitors, cardiac monitors, security camera monitors, numerous power cords supporting accessory devices.

The amount of open clinical space is now taken up by Pyxis Medication dispensing equipment, visitor chairs that are larger for sleeping overnight, carts for 'Real Time Charting,' multi-functional devices (MFD's), information systems and equipment that take up floor space and are tethered because of power and data connections to the walls.

The laminate surfaces are cracking due to ware and delaminating due to their age and well as being damaged and discolored because of today's environmental services cleaning products and regiment. Cabinetry is no longer functional and prevents flexibility for the nurse and other utilizing the minimized available desktop space.