Current Residents

Evan Horan, PharmD

Resident Research: Investigating the Impact of Clinical Pharmacist Interventions on Use of Alternative Treatments for Acute Alcohol Withdrawal
Why I Chose Catholic Health Pharmacy Residency Program: I chose to come to Catholic Health because of the wide range of rotations from NICU to ambulatory care. I felt as though this program was able to give me a well-rounded experience in many areas of pharmacy that I had not yet been exposed to. All of the preceptors are amazing and really dedicated to the residents learning.

Josh VanAmburg, PharmD

Resident Research: Pharmacist impact on blood pressure management in the emergency department for patients with stroke
Why I Chose Catholic Health Pharmacy Residency Program: Going to school locally, I was able to see the full impact Catholic Health has had on the community. In addition, I was attracted to the commitment to expanding the residency program and the opportunities it offered.