Nursing Checklist

To arrange a clinical placement for your undergraduate nursing students, please see the guidelines below.

Note: All forms and education manuals can be downloaded on the Required Materials page.

Requirements for Clinical Coordinators

  • Clinical Rotations Request: Send a request form for clinical rotations to Anna Pennesil ( or (716) 706-2076).
  • Computer Access Request: Send a  request form for computer access for all students and instructors at least 30 days prior to the start of the first clinical rotation. Pyxis access for the clinical instructor will be provided via this spreadsheet.

All forms can be downloaded on the Required Materials page.

If you need assistance with computer access, please contact Anna Pennesi at

Requirements for Nursing Instructors

Each semester, the clinical instructor must:

  • Meet system requirements, which includes a current PPD skin test.
  • Complete the clinical instructor checklist and submission form (on the Required Materials page).
  • Provide contact information (name, phone number, email address) to the nurse manager.
  • Review Nursing Policies and Procedures (on the Required Materials page).
  • Review the Self-learning Packet (on the Required Materials page).
  • Complete the Orientation document (on the Required Materials page).
  • Review technology training materials.
  • Contact their site coordinator for assistance in resolving any computer access difficulties.

Requirements for Students

Before placement begins, students are required to:

  1. Review our Nursing Policies and Procedures (on the Required Materials page)
  2. Review the Self-learning Packet (on the Required Materials page).

  3. Learn our technology systems.

  4. After the above materials are reviewed, complete the Student Orientation Documentation Form (on the Required Materials page).

It is the responsibility of the school of nursing to keep this form on-site for the duration of the student's enrollment.


If your students will be rotating at Mercy Hospital of Buffalo or Sisters of Charity Hospital, click here to access parking requirements.