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Purchase Orders

No Purchase Order, No Payment

Purchase Orders

For your own protection and to ensure compliance with our policy, please do not accept orders from Catholic Health without a valid Catholic Health purchase order number. Invoices received without a purchase order number will be returned to the vendor and will not be paid.

Negotiation of a Catholic Health check is an acknowledgement that the vendor or its contract sales organization, corporate agents, or other parties selling its products have abided by Catholic Health's purchase order terms and conditions, including price, of any agreement with Catholic Health including any agreement with a group purchasing organization of which Catholic Health is a member.

Payment of any amount charged by a vendor that is incorrect (a) under any pricing agreement with Catholic Health or any purchasing organization of which Catholic Health is a member, or (b) in quantity or type of material ordered or used, shall be considered an error in payment and subject to immediate refund to Catholic Health. Any overcharges by a vendor may result in the submission by Catholic Health of a false claim to Medicare, Medicaid or CHAMPUS for which the vendor may be found liable under the False Claims Act.