Demonstrations & Trials

Demonstrations & Trials

If you wish to bring in equipment or products for evaluation, on loan, or for trial basis, you must first meet with Purchasing, who will evaluate possible usage, and then distribute your information, samples or equipment to the appropriate Catholic Health department. You must also bring in a service and operator’s manual for any equipment. A purchase order will then be issued, a trial and evaluation form will be signed, and the equipment will be inspected prior to use.

You are responsible to see that these steps are completed in sufficient time before the evaluation.

New Products & Product Samples

All offers of samples and requests to provide samples of supplies shall be referred to Supply Chain Management for processing. Devices or products furnished by the vendor representative shall have current (as applicable) FDA approval, be within the expiration date of the manufacturer and shall be in a clean, sterile (as applicable) and unopened condition at the time it is brought into the hospital.

Any new product (supply, equipment, implant, etc) offered for use in any department must first be approved by the Department Director and then presented to the Supply Chain Management department and/or the Value Analysis Committee for processing. If a product has not been previously approved, and does not have a Catholic Health purchase order (PO) assigned, the product will not be processed for payment.

The product may be subject to review and approval by the Catholic Health Technology Assessment Committee.

Vendor representatives may only discuss the attributes and specifications of the product(s) with clinical staff. Any request to deliver or ship any product to Catholic Health shall be directed through the Supply Chain Management department.

Any product supplied by the vendor on the day of the surgical procedure must have prior approval for use. If the product has no prior approval and does not have a Catholic Health System purchase order (PO) assigned, the product will not be processed for payment.

It is the policy of Catholic Health to conduct trials at no charge, unless otherwise approved by the Senior Director of Supply Chain. In the event that an unauthorized trial occurs or an unapproved product is used on a patient, the vendor will not be paid nor will the patient be billed for the products used, and the vendor and/or their representative(s) may be sanctioned by the hospital(s) and barred from conducting future business.

Demonstrations or Evaluations

All requests for demonstrations, testing and/or evaluations of supplies and equipment must be approved by the Supply Chain Management department.

Once approved, appropriated action will be taken.