Delivery & Payment

Delivery and Payment

Shipping & Receiving

Receiving hours are generally Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. All deliveries must be directed to our Receiving Departments, usually located behind the hospitals. The purchase order number must be printed on all incoming packages.


  • Implant Invoices: Must be left with Operating Room Business Manager before vendor leaves the facility.
  • All other invoices: Must be mailed to the specific Catholic Health facility addressed "Attention: Accounts Payable."

All invoices must show the purchase order number.

Inquiries concerning payments must be directed to the appropriate hospital’s Accounts Payable Department.

Billing for quantities in excess of what was actually ordered, or at prices higher than our agreed pricing under our contract, would cause Catholic Health to submit a false claim for reimbursement to the Federal Government and other third parties payors. Any person or company who knowingly causes a false or fraudulent claim to be submitted to the US Government can be held liable for civil and criminal penalties.