Stroke & Neuro-Rehabilitation

Catholic Health Stroke and Neurological Rehabilitation

Stroke & Neuro-rehabilitation help patients recovering from a stroke, brain, or spinal cord injury, neurological surgery, or conditions like Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis that impact cognitive ability. We focus on patients struggling with:

  • Cognition (awareness, perception, reasoning, and judgment)
  • Motor planning and execution (the ability to think through and execute a task)
  • Visual perception (sight)
  • Speech and language
  • Swallowing difficulties or disorders

Our treatment plans include:

  • Physical therapy to improve strength, balance, coordination, walking, and functional mobility.
  • Occupational therapy to complete activities of daily living, including skills required for self-care, work, and leisure.
  • Speech-language therapy to improve how patients express thoughts, communicate, and swallow.

A home-activity program is also part of recovery, so that patients are as independent as possible following rehabilitation.