Sisters of Charity Hospital is home to our newest, state-of-the-art Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). As a leader in the region for mother-baby care, our staff carefully developed the NICU to provide high level care to babies born prematurely or those with other neonatal medical conditions. 

Our unit is a designated Level III NICU properly equipped to care for multiple births, infants as young as 23 weeks, and babies with special needs. Providing this level of care allows us to care for both mother and baby at the same place and in a matter of minutes, resulting in the best outcomes possible.

Family-Centered Care

Parents and caregivers are a crucial part of the care team at Sisters Hospital NICU. During an infant's stay, our staff will work with families to ensure their comfort and understanding of their child's condition and treatment.

The unit features private rooms, which enhance the individualized care provided to each baby, while also giving families the privacy and convenience to support their babies' special needs. Designated "family only" spaces on the floor allow loved ones to stay nearby when they are not in the room.

Special rooms are also available to accommodate families with multiple births.

Our NICU Team

Our NICU staff is an experienced care team, which includes providers with various medical specialties. Neonatologists; registered nurses; lactation consultants; physical, occupational, and respiratory therapists; and other clinical staff all work together to ensure the safety and quality care of our patients.

All of our physical and occupational therapists in the NICU have received specialty certification in either Infant Massage Instruction (CIMI) and/or Neonatal Touch & Massage (NTMC). These areas of expertise signify advanced skills in proper handling, positioning, skin-to-skin, infant massage, swaddled bathing and other care practice techniques, including myofascial trigger point release.

This comprehensive approach to neonatal care guarantees that every baby is getting the personalized treatment he or she needs. 

We Care About the Details

Our state-of-the-art NICU includes design features to help make infants and their families more comfortable. 

  • Special lighting and sound controls create a soothing environment for delicate preemies and infants with audio/visual sensitivities
  • Infection control features help keep our small patients safe from the smallest germs
  • In-room conveniences include specially-designed infant bathing sinks and personal refrigeration units to store breast milk and formula
  • Convertible furniture is available in each private room to allow parents to sleep in the same space as their baby or babies