Pregnancy & Postpartum Discomfort Therapy

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life, but it can also cause some discomfort as your body changes.

Physical therapy can provide relief from the aches and pains of pregnancy. It treats the causes of pain to help relieve the strain on your body and make your pregnancy more enjoyable.

Common Types of Pain During Pregnancy

  • Low back pain
  • Sciatica – pain of the sciatic nerve, which extends from the lower back down the back of each leg
  • Sacroiliac pain – can feel like a sharp jolt down the side of your back and hips and could extend to your legs
  • Pelvic pain – a feeling of stress and heaviness in the pelvic area (below your belly button and between your hips)
  • Pubic Symphysis Separation/Pain – Pubic bone pain occurs later in pregnancy when hormones cause the pelvis to loosen to make delivery easier for mom and baby. Sometimes this separation can cause pain at the end of pregnancy or immediately after. If you have pubic symphysis separation, you may be able to hear your joints click as you walk or change position. You may also experience pain in the lower back, hips, pelvic region and legs.

Types of Treatment

The Partners In Rehab Pelvic Floor Dysfunction program can help to address the causes of pelvic pain during pregnancy and after delivery.

Your treatment will be tailored to you and may include:

  • Exercise
  • Manual, hands-on stretching
  • Gentle joint mobilization – gentle movement of the joint through its normal range of motion
  • Massage
  • Cold/heat treatment
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Education about posture
  • Evaluation for sacroiliac or maternity back braces

Length of Treatment

The number of appointments required depends on your improvement. Some patients have one or two visits, while others visit up to delivery time. 

Insurance Coverage

Physical therapy to relieve pregnancy-related pain is covered by most insurances. Please contact your insurance provider to find out if this service is covered under your plan.