Home Rehab Therapy

It's impossible to overstate the importance of specialized rehab services. At Catholic Health, these are an essential part of the home and community-based care we provide. 

The opportunity for patients to complete rehab home takes the purpose of these programs one step further. Home rehab therapy puts the individual at ease, while keeping a focus on patient experience. 

As we anticipate diverse patient needs, therapy programs are completely personalized. Each patient's journey begins with a comprehensive assessment to determine which skilled services you are most likely to benefit from. 

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists perform a functional assessment of every patient at the beginning of their rehab program. Exercise-based therapy is determined by need, and may include gait training or fall prevention.

Wound Therapy

Certified wound therapists will treat patients who may have non-healing wounds following a surgical procedure or due to a chronic condition. Different techniques and modalities are prescribed based on the circumstances present. 

Speech Therapy

Expert speech therapists work closely with patients who may require treatment for speech and communication disabilities, as well as problems swallowing. Stroke survivors and patients living with neurological conditions may also be recommended for speech therapy. 

Registered Dietitian Services

Proper nutrition is an important component of any successful recovery. Support services from a registered dietitian are available to home care patients, as well as enteral nutrition guidelines. 

Social Work

Social workers assess an individual's emotional and social needs, and may help with financial planning and long-term goals. Referrals to outside agencies and resources are available.