Debridement is the removal of damaged tissue from a wound bed, using a scalpel or another sharp instrument. Difficult or slow-to-heal wounds may leave dead skin behind. Calluses and blisters also tend to form over open sores, acting as the body's natural band aids. Unfortunately, all of this may disrupt the growth of new tissues. 

An essential part of any wound care program, debridement promotes the body's natural healing process. Patients being treated receive topical anesthesia, to put them more at ease. The specialists at Catholic Health are able to perform some debridement procedures in an outpatient setting, which makes for a quicker and more convenient recovery. Generally, this is recommended for patients who have been diagnosed with diabetes or neuropathy. 

Advanced Wound Care at Catholic Health

The board certified providers in our advanced wound healing centers treat patients on an individualized basis. Our physicians understand that it can be frustrating to experience unexpected side effects or deal with an open sore that just won't go away. Our caregivers work with patients to pick an advanced wound healing technique that both parties feel confident will be effective.