Cardiac Rehabilitation

Recovering from a cardiac event or procedure requires specialized rehabilitation efforts. Catholic Health offers our patients access to cardiac rehab services in two different ways: as an outpatient program, or as part of our home and community-based care efforts.

Based on the patient's needs, a collaborative service model allows us to provide care in the setting that best positions each patient for a successful recovery.

Catholic Health Cardiac Outpatient Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation may be appropriate for people recovering from the following:

  • Bypass surgery
  • Heart transplant
  • Angioplasty/atherectomy
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Other forms of heart disease

Cardiac Outpatient Rehabilitation

After being discharged from a hospital, phase II of cardiac rehab takes place in an outpatient program. Rehab specialists work with patients to monitor how the heart responds to activities that challenge stamina and endurance. Because of this, many programs will have some sort of exercise component. 

Cardiac patients typically receive a prescription from their physician with instruction to attend a phase II cardiac rehab program. If you are eligible but have not received a prescription, you may request one from your physician. 

All activities are individually tailored to meet a patient's needs, medical condition, and abilities. Glucose levels are always monitored for patients who may be diabetic. 

Cardiac Care at Home

Catholic Health's home and community-based care program includes the skilled nursing services of a specialty cardiac team. Pending an initial assessment, support is available in-home for patients recovering from open heart surgery, as well as those living with cardiopulmonary diseases. 

Home care at Catholic Health is a comprehensive experience, meaning cardiac patients will have access to an array of services within our program. This may include treatment from speech therapists, registered dietitians, certified wound care specialists, and physical therapists.