Levels of Training

Levels of Training

Individual Units/Level I and Level II

Individual units in the Fall and Spring require the student to be available for 28 hours, 7 of which comprise the group process, 20 in clinical practice and 1 hour in a supervisory conference. This fulfills the requirement of at least 400 hours for the student to receive credit for one unit of CPE. Fall and Spring units run for approximately fifteen weeks. In addition, students can expect to spend 1-3 hours per week doing reading or completing written assignments on their own time.

The Summer unit is 11 weeks in duration and requires the student to be available for 40 hours each week, approximately 10-12 hours of group process, one hour of supervisory conference and 25-30 hours of clinical practice to meet the 400 hour minimum requirement.

Several individual Spring, Summer and Fall units can be taken in sequence to reach the four required units for professional chaplaincy certification.

Residency/Level I and Level II

A Resident commits to a full year in the program that includes three units of CPE. Applicants must have completed one unit of CPE to be considered for the program.

The residency program is a full-time employment commitment. It requires a student to be available 40 hours a week, including some weekend and evening hours. 10-12 hours comprise the group process and 24-28 hours are clinical experience each week. The peer group membership remains stable throughout the three units, unless a student withdraws from the program and a replacement is accepted. During the weeks between CPE units, students continue at their clinical sites and may use any accrued Paid Time Off.

Applicants must submit BOTH an ACPE application for the CPE residency to the Sisters of Charity Hospital CPE program AND complete an application for employment on the Sisters of Charity Hospital website. Interviews are scheduled in the fall preceding the mid-January start-up date for the program.

ACPE Certified Educator Training

A Certified Education Candidate (CEC) progresses at his/her own pace through the two phases of training. Certified Educator applicants must have competed at least four units of Level I/II ACPE CPE and be able to demonstrate competence with Level II outcomes. Applicants must submit an ACPE Educator Candidate application and attend a face-to-face interview for acceptance into the Sisters of Charity Hospital program. Admittance into the ACPE Educator Certification process itself may require a second interview. The Certification process and requirements of training can be accessed on the ACPE website by clicking here.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Level I & II CPE Application

Call (716) 862-1374 or e-mail (nkoteras@chsbuffalo.org) our office for more information.