Associate Giving

Thousands of Associates support Sisters of Charity Hospital and Catholic Health through charitable giving, and together, donate more than a quarter of a million dollars each year. This generosity helps us continue to be a best place to work, practice medicine and receive care.

Like all donors to Sisters Hospital Foundation, Associate donor philanthropy helps to ensure high-quality care is always available in our community.

Associates can make annual renewable gifts by enrolling in our payroll deduction program, which provides an affordable way to support the foundation throughout the year. Click here to make your gift today.

Associates can also visit the foundation office at any time to make a one time gift. We are located in the Seton Professional Building in Suite 300.

Stories of Inspired Associate Giving

There are many reasons why our associates choose to allocate a portion of their compensation back to the hospital. Below are a few testimonials from several of our associates that have made the important decision to support Sisters Hospital Foundation.

Jim Jarnot, Laboratory Technical Director

"By giving to the Sisters Hospital Foundation, I am able to help our patients and my colleagues.  The payroll deduction is painless and at the same time adds up to a nice annual gift.  You don’t have to give a million dollars and every gift is accepted with sincere gratitude. "

– Jim Jarnot, Laboratory Technical Director

Sue Nappo, Director, Vascular Services

"I donate to the Foundation at Sisters Hospital because I know that each contribution directly helps to provide the superior level of care we offer to every patient we treat.  I have witnessed the difference that is made in the lives of patients, families, my fellow associates and our physicians because of the support of the Foundation and I know my gift makes a difference."

– Sue Nappo, Director, Vascular Services

Susan Brooks, Director, Nursing St. Joseph Campus

"I am able to see first-hand where my donation to the Foundation is utilized.  By donating, I have seen the dollars used to better patient care, as well as to develop our nursing staff to a higher level of practice.  Supporting the Sisters Hospital Foundation, allows me to be a part of making our hospital one of the safest and highest quality hospitals in our area. "

– Susan Brooks, Director, Nursing St. Joseph Campus