Patient Stories

Mount St. Mary’s sent me a reminder when I missed my appointment for a mammogram. They probably saved my life!


Shelly Ramsayer of Lewiston, like most women in their 40’s, has a busy schedule. So when she couldn’t make the appointment for her regular mammogram, she didn’t think much of it.

Then, in the mail, came a reminder post card from Mount St. Mary’s that she had missed her appointment.

This time, she went and a small lump was found. Because of the early detection, it was “Stage 0” but treatment was needed. She was immediately directed to her Primary Care Physician and a coordinated process began to treat her including a lumpectomy at Catholic Health’s Sister’s Hospital.

Shelly is thankful for the care and attention to detail she received at Mount St. Mary’s Hospital. The reminder card helped save her life and Shelly is excited for Mount St. Mary’s Hospital to bring the next advance of technology to Niagara county--3D mammography also known as Breast Tomosynthesis technology.  The Mount St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation is committed to bringing 3D mammography technology to Niagara County to help women like Shelly. 

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