Associate Giving

Thousands of Associates support Mercy Hospital and Catholic Health through charitable giving, and together, donate more than a quarter of a million dollars each year. This generosity helps us continue to be a best place to work, practice medicine and receive care.

Like all donors to Mercy Hospital Foundation, Associate donor philanthropy helps to ensure high-quality care is always available in our community.

Associates can make annual renewable gifts by enrolling in our payroll deduction program, which provides an affordable way to support the foundation throughout the year. Click here to make your gift today.

Associates can also visit the foundation office at any time to make a one time gift.

Stories of Inspired Associate Giving

There are many reasons why our associates choose to allocate a portion of their compensation back to the hospital. Below are a few testimonials from several of our associates that have made the important decision to support Mercy Hospital Foundation.

Jancqueline Heidle, Supervisor Patient Access, Patient Registration, Mercy Ambulatory Care Center

"I give to the foundation because I have worked here for 18 yrs and have seen what wonderful things the foundation does for our facility, patients, staff and community. Truly grateful to be a small part of such a great initiative."

– Jacqueline Heidle, Supervisor Patient Access, Patient Registration, Mercy Ambulatory Care Center


"I’ve been an associate here at Mercy Hospital for over 21 years and continue to appreciate the Foundation’s funding of a number of projects and endeavors related to improving the quality of care for those in need in our community.  This philanthropic approach exemplifies our mission, values, and the way we deliver care.  As a healthcare professional at Catholic Health, these are the key objectives to which I hold myself accountable.  I truly feel obligated in contributing to the Mercy Hospital Foundation because I know the funds will be put to good use.  I hope others will see it the same way and donate.  A small amount from everyone will go a long way!"

– Carl DePalma, Manager, Rehabilitation, Mercy Hospital of Buffalo

Elizabeth (Beth) Smith, Associate Director of Nursing, Father Baker Manor

"I give to the Foundation with pride as I know it serves to fund programs which help the neediest, while it also funds better and more efficient equipment we need to provide greater services. The excellent training we provide to our associates is supported through the efforts of the Foundation and serves to allow us to all do a better job for the community. As we move forward, our contributions to the Foundation will empower us to continue to provide these needed, valued, and essential services to the community more efficiently, and maintain the extremely high standard of care we all strive to achieve. "

– Elizabeth (Beth) Smith, Associate Director of Nursing, Father Baker Manor