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Priority Projects for Mercy Hospital Foundation

Mercy Hospital Foundation Operation Room

Operation Room Modernization

Catholic Health’s staff of 50 quality and patient safety specialists track more than 5,000 quality measures throughout our system to tell us where we're excelling and where we can improve.

All hospitals measure quality, but Catholic Health is the only healthcare system in Western New York that makes its quality data available directly to you and your family by visiting The Mercy Hospital Foundation is proud to support patient quality and safety improvements efforts at Mercy Hospital of Buffalo and its ministry facilities.

It is expected that the delivery of surgical care will be safe, patient-centered, efficient, and effective. To this end modern Operating Rooms are critical to meeting these patients’ quality and safety goals.  Mercy Hospital of Buffalo and the Mercy Ambulatory Care Center (MACC) receive approximately 77,000 patients annually through the Emergency Department (ED) and approximately 30%, or 23,100, of those patients become surgical patients at Mercy.  Capital investment in OR modernization will greatly benefit thousands of patients at Mercy, a tertiary care facility and home of Catholic Health’s Head and Heart Center.      

Patients take center stage during surgery. Their treatment should be as gentle, efficient, and effective as possible. Less time on the table traditionally translates to faster recoveries and better outcomes for patients. A modern operating room is critical to establishing a proficient environment for care. An important component of the modern OR are the surgical lights. Cool, energy-efficient lighting that reduces shadows, heat in the surgical suite, and the risk of drying out exposed tissue are essential. Additionally, proper positioning of the surgeon, anesthesiologist, nurses, technicians, and equipment is critical. A modern OR incorporates optimum layout, design, and equipment for patients and physicians. 

How You Can Help!

Fund Mercy’s Operating Room (OR) Modernization efforts. Currently, Mercy Hospital of Buffalo features 12 Operating Rooms or OR suites. OR#5 was updated to serve as the model for the remaining surgical suites. Each OR modernization costs between $200,000 and $250,000 and the total project cost will be between $2.4M and $3M. Please consider how you can share in the care with a gift to fund a portion of this patient-centered project.

Mercy Hospital Foundation MCCC Priorities

Mercy Comprehensive Care Center

Located in a high-risk area of the City of Buffalo, the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority’s (BMHA) Perry Project, in the third poorest large city in the nation, the MCCC – a division of Mercy Hospital of Buffalo – provides over 39,000 visits annually to a culturally diverse population in an economically depressed community. 

According to a new census estimate from the U.S. federal government, 54%, or more than half of the children in Buffalo, lived in poverty in 2015.  That figure is up 7% from the previous year. A third of Buffalo’s residents are considered poor compared to one-quarter of the population a decade ago. Only Detroit and Cleveland recorded higher poverty rates among the nation’s largest cities.   

The MCCC’s Heart Smart for Life and Empowering Buffalo programs are child and family-focused wellness programs that identify and address barriers to health for the least, last and lost in our community. Barriers like knowing how to prepare a healthy meal, coordinating transportation for wellness visits and critical follow up appointments, or supporting basic needs like making sure children have proper clothes to endure a Buffalo winter.

The MCCC’s Heart Smart for Life program launched as an expansion of the Empowering Buffalo program (established in 2013), and is focused on preventing chronic diseases and reducing health disparities among at-risk populations; priorities of the New York State Prevention Agenda.

The MCCC is where our mission sets us apart. It's a place of health and hope. The MCCC’s, approach to community healthcare includes social workers, pharmacists, and nutritionists working together with caring RN’s, religious leaders, and physicians to address all the issues that contribute to racial and economic disparities in health and healthcare. The MCCC’s patient-focused programs are 100% donor funded and provide families with nutrition education, put books into children’s hands, clothing on their backs, shoes on their feet, and strengthen families, who otherwise might fall through the cracks.

How You Can Help!

  • Generous donations will support innovative community outreach programs, such as the Summer Wellness Social, monthly nutrition tabling Sponsor the Nutrition Counter to provide daily healthy foods options and nutrition education to the MCCC’s 12,000 patients and families.
  • Stock MCCC’s Brigid’s Closet with winter coats, books, socks, diapers and other essential care items.
  • Buy books to support MCCC’s Reach Out and Read early childhood literacy program.
  • Fund the Mobile Market, grocery vouchers, & nutrition education activities.
  • Support the MCCC’s Heart Smart for Life program by providing tracked participants with pedometers, food and exercise journals, fit bits, and other healthy living incentive items.

Thank you for your kind consideration, partnership, and support!