Associate Giving

Thousands of Associates support Kenmore Mercy Hospital and Catholic Health through charitable giving, and together, donate more than a quarter of a million dollars each year. This generosity helps us continue to be a best place to work, practice medicine and receive care.

Like all donors to Kenmore Mercy Foundation, Associate donor philanthropy helps to ensure high-quality care is always available in our community.

Associates can make annual renewable gifts by enrolling in our payroll deduction program, which provides an affordable way to support the foundation throughout the year. Click here to make your gift today.

Associates can also visit the foundation office at any time to make a one time gift.

Stories of Inspired Associate Giving

There are many reasons why our associates choose to allocate a portion of their compensation back to the hospital. Below are a few testimonials from several of our associates that have made the important decision to support Kenmore Mercy Foundation.

Johanna Boyd, RN

"Why I give to the Kenmore Mercy Hospital Foundation, is because they support me as a nurse. They support the Hospital as an organization. I have been a direct recipient of their generosity towards nursing as I have attended many educational conferences over the years because of them. Last year I had the AMAZING opportunity to attend the Medical Surgical Nurses Convention in Orlando Florida which would not have been possible without the financial support of the Foundation. The Foundation supports our nurses and is dedicated to our success, from purchasing equipment to their extensive support of furthering the education from single day conferences to annual conventions. This past spring I volunteered at their golf outing and I had a great time. I had so much fun and to see people outside of the hospital was a nice change of pace. Giving back is important to do and we all benefit from the Foundation in one way or another. "

– Johanna Boyd, RN

Wendy Mack, Surgical Scheduler

"I’m a proud supporter of Kenmore Mercy Foundation, I believe in giving back to the people the hospital supports. After being employed here for 23 years I’ve come to realize that every little bit helps.  Helping out the community and coworkers with the things they need to make the job easier is a great thing to do. Not easier in the sense to get it over and done with but with the overall patients experience and care given. Because we work with such great people I don’t just consider them fellow employees but more like family. Being able to give patients the help that they need is really what it’s all about. "

– Wendy Mack, Surgical Scheduler

Dawn Clabeaux, Administrator, CCD TMR

"I enjoy giving to the catholic health foundation which really gives to our residents that are in need.   Many of resident s do not have family and are in need of everyday items.  I have purchased,.  blankets for our residents for Christmas and many of our staff do similar acts of kindness and never say anything , they just want to. I often find out that someone purchases candy, buys some clothes for someone or even a special lunch . All of this just makes one feel good "

– Dawn Clabeaux, Administrator, CCD TMR