Associate Giving

Thousands of Associates support Kenmore Mercy Hospital and Catholic Health through charitable giving, and together, donate more than a quarter of a million dollars each year. This generosity helps us continue to be a best place to work, practice medicine and receive care.

Like all donors to Kenmore Mercy Foundation, Associate donor philanthropy helps to ensure high-quality care is always available in our community.

Associates can make annual renewable gifts by enrolling in our payroll deduction program, which provides an affordable way to support the foundation throughout the year. Click here to make your gift today.

Associates can also visit the foundation office at any time to make a one time gift.

Stories of Inspired Associate Giving

There are many reasons why our associates choose to allocate a portion of their compensation back to the hospital. Below are a few testimonials from several of our associates that have made the important decision to support Kenmore Mercy Foundation.


"Giving to the Foundation is part of my spiritual practice. I give because I deeply believe in the mission and values of this hospital. I see the Foundation staff directly fulfilling the standards of excellence, justice, compassion and respect for patients and their families as they diligently solicit funds to improve the quality of service that we all provide at KMH. When I donate, I know my money is a direct way to give back to this awesome community."

– Rev. Nancy Faery, Chaplain


"I contribute to the Foundation because I believe that giving is a good thing, no matter how small. Renovations and new equipment better our facility and provide the best place for our patients and our staff."

– Pamela Joslin, Billing Specialist, Accounts Receivable


"I am very proud to be a part of the McAuley Residence Team. I truly enjoy my role here as admissions coordinator  in assisting patients, residents and their families in making a smooth transition from the hospital or community and providing them with the best possible care. It makes me feel good to know that I can help them feel comfortable that they are allowing us the opportunity to care for themselves or their loved ones.  For that is the reason that I give, as I believe in the mission and understand what a vital role we play in enriching so many lives."

– Kathleen Juenker, Admissions Coordinator


"It is my pleasure donating to the foundation since I know that my funds enhance patient care. Foundation money is available to the nursing staff for conferences and classes, which keeps us up to date on best practices and the newest trends in nursing."

– Thomas Nader, Supervisor, Nursing Administration