Catholic Medical Partners


Catholic Medical Partners is a partnership between Catholic Health and a network of associated physicians.

Catholic Medical Partners focuses on improving the effectiveness, safety and the coordination of medical care and is jointly developed by Catholic Health and primary, specialty and hospital-based physicians.


  • Increase health screening with the goal of early detection and treatment of illness and disease.
  • Improve the care and treatment of patients with chronic health conditions.
  • Promote reliable and safe medical care.
  • Support and promote the use of advanced information technology to enhance quality improvement in the clinical office and in the acute care setting.

Advantages of Membership

While all members of Catholic Medical Partners know that they are welcome to help develop clinical improvement programs, other benefits are:

  • Educational programs for physicians and their office staff
  • Support for implementation of Information Technology programs
  • Stream-lined quality improvement initiatives
  • Advocacy with multiple insurance carriers for common procedures and guidelines 

More Information

For more information, contact Catholic Medical Partners at (716) 862-2163 or visit their website.