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Nursing Students

Nursing students are able to learn more about their chosen career by observing and working with the nurses at Catholic Health hospitals.

If you are a clinical coordinator and need to arrange placement for your students, click here to visit our School Faculty section.

Shadowing Experiences - Undergraduate & Graduate Students

The shadowing work experience is a temporary, unpaid exposure to the workplace in an occupational area of interest to the student. Students witness firsthand the work environment, employability and occupational skills in practice, the value of professional training and potential career options. Job shadowing is designed to increase career awareness, help model student behavior through examples and reinforce the student link between classroom learning and work requirements. Job shadowing is limited in that it allows students to observe only; direct work experience, responsibility and skills are not acquired.

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Clinical Placement - Graduate Students

Graduate nursing students who would like to seek placement at a Catholic Health facility are required to make arrangements with a preceptor and complete our placement request form.

You must also review the Student Orientation Documentation Form, and if not an employee of Catholic Health, the Self-learning Packet, prior to signing the Student Orientation Documentation Form. Both forms are available on the required materials page.

Summer Internships - Undergraduate Students

Catholic Health is offering a limited number of competitive, paid summer internships for BSN nursing students between their junior and senior year.

The full-time, 8-week summer internship program allows training in specialized areas, such as the emergency room, operating room, intensive care, NICU, pediatrics and telemetry.

The internship will start on Monday June 2, 2014 and will continue through July 26, 2014. Interns will follow their preceptor’s schedule.

Application Requirements

  • Completion of an application (click here to download the application)
  • Cover letter, including goals and objectives
  • Resume
  • Two letters of recommendation (of which at least one must be from one of your clinical instructors)
  • College transcripts: must have a 3.5 or greater for all nursing courses and a 3 or greater for all non-nursing courses
  • Documentation of enrollment in a university class (internship, etc.) for the time covering the summer internship
  • A current contract between Catholic Health and your school. If your school currently has nursing clinicals at Catholic Health sites, a contract is in place. If your school does not have Catholic Health clinical rotations, please contact your clinical advisor.
  • Nursing students in programs outside of New York State: Board of Regents permission to operate in New York State is required, per Section 224 of the Education Law that prohibits out of state colleges and universities from transacting business in New York without Regents permission. In addition, Section 6908 of the Education Law restricts the practice of nursing to licensed persons or students enrolled in educational programs approved and registered by the State Education Department through the action of the Office of the Professions.


All components of applications must be delivered to Daynell Rowell-Stephens, Manager. Applications will be accepted from January 7, 2014 through January 28, 2014.

Daynell Rowell-Stephens
Appletree Business Park, Ste 8A
2875 Union Road
Cheektowaga, NY 14227

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