Foundations of Catholic Health


Foundations of Catholic Health Unification

The Foundations of Catholic Health is currently undergoing the process of condensing its five existing 501c3 foundations into a single foundation. This unification process allows us to focus on sustainable fundraising opportunities that will support philanthropic funds for life-saving measures throughout our healthcare system.

The new single foundation will continue to serve all of the areas, services, and programs of Catholic Health that the five foundations previously supported. Please take a moment to review the FAQs below for more details on this process.

What is a foundation unification?

Unification is the process of condensing [in this case five] separate 501c3 foundations that all roll up to one parent organization into one single 501c3 foundation. The new single foundation will continue to serve all of the areas, services, programs of Catholic Health that the five foundations previously supported.

What are the anticipated benefits of unifying the foundations?

There are many benefits to unifying the foundations. This move allows us to focus more on sustainable fundraising opportunities (i.e. major and planned giving opportunities); in turn bringing in more needed philanthropic funds for life-saving measures. It also helps to clarify who we are to the external community as one foundation serving the entire system versus five separate foundations serving five separate areas. This move also allows for a considerable cost savings and the reduction of staffing needs. Some examples of these cost cutting measures include condensing duplicative events resulting in less overhead (rentals, print, etc.), streamlined reporting, decreased meeting attendance requirements, and decreased 990 reporting needs (five to one).

How does this affect me as a donor?

This unification will not affect you as a donor at all. Your gifts will still be restricted the same ways you chose them to be in the past (e.g. – support for a specific program at a specific hospital). If anything, this unification will make it easier for our many donors who typically support two or more of our foundations or system-wide initiatives by offering them the opportunity to write one check versus multiple.

What happens with current funds in each foundation?

All current funds will remain restricted for their designated hospital within the new foundation. All future funds received earmarked for a specific hospital will also be restricted as the donor requests.

How am I sure that my donation is going to where I designated my gift?

We will always honor the philanthropic intentions of our donors. As members of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), we adhere to the Donor Bill of Rights and AFP Code of Ethics which binds us to honoring donor intent and ensuring transparency with how funds are spent so that the donor can ensure their gift was used as intended. Donors, at any time, may also request a meeting to review their giving history and more information about how their gift was used.

What will be the function of the Executive Director’s role in this new model?

The Executive Director will serve as the lead philanthropic professional of their respective hospital; focused on developing, soliciting and stewarding major and planned giving donors.

What does this mean for the existing boards?

On January 1, 2024, the new single foundation with a single board of directors will begin and the five existing foundations and their boards will close. Each current foundation will have representation on the new board. We are currently identifying existing members from each of our five boards to come and serve on the new Foundation of Catholic Health Board with staggered terms.