Weight Loss Surgery - Is It Right For Me?

There are many reasons to consider weight loss surgery, but if you and your doctor decide surgery is your best option, there’s only one place to choose – Sisters of Charity Hospital. The Catholic Health Bariatric Program has been nationally recognized for excellence, and our highly skilled team of surgeons, nurses, nutritionists, therapists and counselors is ready to help you regain a healthy life.

Weight loss surgery, as a gateway to better health and a more fulfilling lifestyle, requires a thoughtful and purposeful approach. That’s why every potential patient’s journey begins with an educational seminar. This step is required before our Bariatric and Metabolic team can schedule an office consultation.

Seminars are scheduled monthly and are FREE!

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Private rooms, and an environment specially designed for the needs of weight loss surgery patients, help us provide you with care that is both comfortable and dignified. And with minimally invasive surgical options that mean less pain and quicker recoveries, and two convenient hospital locations to choose from, we can help make the journey to a healthier life a little easier.

Support Throughout Your Weight Loss Journey

Your relationship with Catholic Health continues after surgery. Within 72 hours, our nurse practitioner will follow up with you by phone. She can talk you through your diet, fix problems with filling your prescriptions and help with issues at home.

Compassionate Staff

Our staff is highly trained in catering to the needs of the bariatric patient, both physically and emotionally. To learn how to best make our bariatric patients feel comfortable and to anticipate your needs, our staff undergoes training each year.

One-on-One Appointments

Our weight loss surgeon will meet with you at every appointment. He will take the time to listen to your concerns and will encourage you to contact him with questions both before and after your surgery. At other bariatric centers, your experience may be more impersonal, with care provided by physician assistants; you may not meet your doctor until the day of surgery!

Private Rooms

Nothing is overlooked in ensuring your comfort. Following surgery, our bariatric patients recover in private rooms that are designed specifically for patients seeking weight loss surgery.

Our Team of Providers