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Few occasions in life are as joyful or as awe-inspiring as childbirth. A new baby changes our lives in ways we never imagined - from learning to selflessly care for another, to seeing the world through the new life we've created.

At Mount St. Mary's Hospital, we are honored to be a part of the life long memories you'll take with you.

Our Center for Women provides private patient rooms at no additional cost. Plus, you'll receive free digital photos of your newborn.

Tour Our Hospital

We invite you to tour our maternity unit prior to your childbirth experience. To schedule a tour, please contact us several weeks before your due date. Call us at (716) 298-2332.

Tours are also included as part of our Prepared Childbirth classes.

Birthing Suites


Located on the 2nd floor, our birthing suites offer the safety and size of a traditional delivery room in a home-like setting. They include:

  • Televisions, radios, phones
  • Water massage showers
  • Special birthing beds with an inflatable lumbar section for extra back support
  • Fetal monitors that allow mom to walk and move during labor

A c-section suite is also located on the Maternity Unit for elective caesarean births and emergencies.  

Postpartum Suites

After a short time in recovery, mom will be moved to a private room on the maternity unit. This room includes TV and phone service. It also features a private closet.

A meal will be provided for mom's significant other or birthing coach.