Mercy Midwives is a midwifery group dedicated to delivering inclusive, personalized care in a supportive environment.

Our midwives believe that all women should be empowered throughout the childbirth experience. They offer education, encourage discussion, and present families-to-be the opportunity to have the birth experience they desire.

This dedication to holistic care is not just reserved for women during pregnancy. Our certified nurse midwives provide healthcare for women in all stages of their life, including annual gynecological exams, female cancer screening, and menopausal care.

Holistic Care Professionals

Why choose Mercy Midwives for your care? Because we don't make you choose between skilled expertise and a holistic care experience. Our certified nurse midwives have years of experience and dedication to providing individualized care. Through collaboration with Mercy Hospital of Buffalo, they are assisted by a team of healthcare providers who are supportive of the midwifery model of care.

Our certified nurse midwives have all previously graduated from nursing school prior to advancing their careers in midwifery. They are passionate about being lifelong learners and continuously pursue education on the latest evidenced based practices.

Visit Mercy Midwives

The best way to decide if our Mercy Midwives group is right for you is by visiting our office. Call us to set up an appointment at the location nearest you.

  • Mercy Women’s Health Center
    515 Abbott Rd, Ste 302, Buffalo, NY 14220
    (716) 828-3520
  • Springville OB/GYN Center
    27 Franklin Street, Springville, NY 14141
    (716) 592-7400

One of our midwives is also available 24/7 in the labor and delivery department at Mercy Hospital of Buffalo.

Midwifery Care through Mercy Hospital of Buffalo

The birthing experience in a hospital setting allows mothers to benefit from our care, while offering an excellent support system of nursing staff, hospital amenities, and access to social services.

Should medical needs arise for mother and baby, dedicated OB/GYN physicians and neonatologists are on hand to provide additional surgical care or medical services.

Mercy Midwives are also trained to assist in a cesarean delivery, whether scheduled or in emergent situations. Our midwives' advanced clinical skills enable them to remain at your side as an active part of your care team.

Learn More About Midwifery Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy and childbirth is an incredible time in a woman's life. Get more information about the benefits of midwifery care and how your midwife can help guide you through this experience.

Visit Midwifery Care During Pregnancy and Childbirth.