Pregnancy & Prescription Drugs FAQs

Treatment for prescription drug dependency is an important step for you and your baby. National studies show that 55-95% of babies whose mothers have a chemical dependency will experience some type of problem. Without treatment, most babies may experience serious withdrawal. At Catholic Health, our goal is to help you and your baby with any problems that may occur.

I am taking Lortabs, how does that affect my baby?

Lortab, and all prescription pain killers, may have an effect on your baby and your pregnancy.Your baby may be born physically dependent (NOT addicted) and require treatment for these symptoms.

What other medications might cause my baby to become physically dependent?

It is very important that you discuss possible effects of your medications with your doctor. It may be necessary and appropriate to continue your medications during pregnancy. If they need to be stopped, it should only be done with the assistance of your doctor.

Can I become chemically dependent if my doctor prescribed my pain medication?

Yes. Most people who take prescription pain killers or other addictive medications do not do so with the intention of abusing it. Many pregnant women who are regularly taking prescription pain killers, were prescribed these drugs after car accidents or other valid reasons. Unfortunately, some people do end up becoming chemically dependent on medication.

Recovering from an Addiction to Pain Killers

If you're experiencing an addiction to pain killers, our Substance Treatment and Recovery (STAR) program can help. Click here for more information.