Donating the Placenta & Taking the Placenta Home

Birth Tissue Donation

Moms who give birth via cesarean section have the option to donate their Birth Tissue to ConnectLife.

By donating your placenta and umbilical cord, you give the Gift of Healing. The innermost layer of the placenta (known as the amnion) is made up of special cells that stimulate the body's healing mechanism. The amnion can be used to promote healing after surgery and is also used in combination with skin grafts for burn victims.

With each birth tissue donated, 12 to 100 different transplantable grafts can be produced. This means that up to 100 different people can be on the road to recovery with just one placenta.

The Donation Process

The donation process poses no risk to either you or your baby. The birth tissue will not be recovered until after the baby has been safely delivered.

When you consent to donation, you are asked to answer a series of questions regarding your medical and social history to ensure the safety of the recipient. Additionally, a routine blood sample will be taken when you are admitted for surgery.

No Cost

All expenses related to donation are paid for by ConnectLife. There is no cost to you or your family.

How to Donate

Interested moms delivering via a planned cesarean section at Mercy, Sister’s, or Mount St. Mary’s Hospitals may be eligible to donate.

If you wish to donate, please consult your physician and contact the ConnectLife Donor Referral Center at (716) 529-4300 ext: 5. For all other inquiries or more information regarding the Birth Tissue Program, please contact Kayla Giancarlo at (716) 529-4378 or visit

Taking the Placenta Home

You are able to take the placenta home as long as your obstetrician or midwife does not wish to send it for testing.

If mom does not have any signs of infection, you may take the placenta home after 24 hours, according to New York State law. In the meantime, the placenta will be placed in a container on a bed of ice in your room.