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Donor Impact

Priority Projects/Programs

The Kenmore Mercy Foundation is proud to support clinical education, healthy activities, capital improvements, and critical patient-focused priority projects/programs at Kenmore Mercy Hospital, its relating ministries, and for our community.

New Recliners Helping Patients Take "Next Steps" to Recovery at Kenmore Mercy

New Recliners Helping Patients Take Next Steps to Recovery at Kenmore Mercy

Contrary to popular belief, getting out of bed, not staying in, is the best option for recovery during a hospital stay. Kenmore Mercy is making that a priority with the addition of medical recliners in patient rooms. The specialized recliners are playing a key role in early mobility and helping patients achieve important steps to regain strength. . . Read More

Foundation Funded Items

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we are able to provide key financial support by funding items such as equipment and programs to serve our patients and their families throughout Kenmore Mercy Hospital.