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We are committed to bargaining in good faith with the Communication Workers of America (CWA) Local 1133, the labor union that represents Kenmore Mercy’s technical associates.  Our goal is to reach a fair agreement that balances the needs of all parties, particularly as we navigate healthcare reform and the many challenges facing hospitals today.

Contract negotiations provide an opportunity to consider and learn about many of the issues important to associates, patients, hospitals, and healthcare providers.  We are putting in place a robust communications process so that managers, associates, and others can get factual information and regular updates about these discussions and negotiations.

How to Stay Informed

Kenmore Mercy Hospital is committed to providing information to associates about the collective bargaining process with the Communications Workers of America.  We hope associates will stay informed by:

  • Speaking with their managers
  • Watching for negotiations updates and other content on this site
  • Communicating with union stewards

Members of the media should contact JoAnn Cavanaugh, spokesperson for Kenmore Mercy Hospital at (716) 706-2061 (office), (716) 228-4886 (cell) or

Please visit this site often for updates and new developments.

Organized Labor at Kenmore Mercy Hospital

The Communications Workers of America (CWA) Local 1133 began representing Kenmore Mercy’s technical associates in 2010.  As of today, about 102 technical associates are represented by the CWA, or approximately10% of the hospital’s workforce.

Kenmore Mercy Hospital has worked constructively with the unions to negotiate fair contracts for our hospital’s represented associates.

The Hospital recently negotiated and ratified a new contract with the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) who represent hospital employees, including food service, emergency services, nursing assistants, pharmacy, and facility employees.  The contract was ratified by an overwhelming majority of the employees who voted. 

While contract talks occasionally involve healthy debate, our negotiations with the CWA have been in good faith and focused on the best interests of our associates, hospital, and the communities we serve.

Like many Hospitals, Kenmore Mercy faces unprecedented changes and challenges over the next decade as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) continues to be implemented.  According to a report from the Healthcare Association of New York State, reimbursement cuts related to the ACA and other changes in Medicare and Medicaid will amount to more than $330 million to Catholic Health over the next 10 years.  Of that amount, Kenmore Mercy is expected to see more than $38 million in cuts over the same time period.  We want to reach a fair contract that balances the needs of all parties and addresses the financial challenges that could undermine our ability to meet the areas healthcare needs.

Negotiations Q&As

As part of our commitment to providing information about the collective bargaining process, we will be releasing Negotiations Q&As to answer associates questions.