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Childbirth at Sisters Hospital

Having a baby is both exciting and stressful for expecting parents. That’s why Sisters Hospital is creating a home-like environment in our maternity unit.

Our personal approach and genuine love for what we do makes Sisters Hospital’s Special BirthPlace the setting in which more families are choosing to deliver their babies.

Sisters Hospital is the only hospital in Western New York that can provide critical care in the same building for high-risk moms and babies. Our Intensive Care Unit, High Risk Antepartum Unit and level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) offer the expertise and advanced technology to treat both mom and baby should an emergency arise.

I gave birth to my first child here 9 years ago, and I absolutely loved it.

The staff was very nice and knowledgeable. They answered all of my questions and made sure that we were both well cared for. I'll be back in the next few weeks with my second, and I know that we're in very good hands at Sisters of Charity Hospital!

– Rachel Bars


Our Labor, Delivery and Recovery (LDR) unit consists of 10 private birthing rooms and two rooms for surgical deliveries.

After delivery, most moms rest comfortably in one of our private rooms equipped with private showers and other amenities. Semi-private rooms are offered when all private rooms are occupied.

Physicians & Nurses

Our expert medical and nursing staff supports parents throughout  the birthing process. An in-house attending physician is always available, and our nurses provide personal attention with a staffing ratio of one nurse for every two to three patients.

Certified Nurse Midwives

Midwives are generally available Monday through Friday and during the day on Saturday.

Certified Nurse Midwives are educated in both nursing and midwifery. In their role in Labor and Delivery, they assess the pregnant woman presenting to the hospital with various obstetric complaints and monitor the progress of labor for women admitted to the Special Birth Place. They promote normal labor, provide safe care for the laboring woman and her baby and communicate closely with the woman's physician about her progress. 

Certified Nurse Midwives on Staff

  • Khristeena Kingsley, CNM
  • Sally Terreri, CNM
  • Kathryn Sexton, CNM
  • Evette Hernandez, CNM


Anesthesiologists are available around the clock for pain management.

Remote Monitoring of the Baby's Heart Beat

During labor and delivery, the baby's heart beat is monitored to detect any abnormal changes that may signal a problem.

For patients on the Labor and Delivery floor at Sisters Hospital, the baby's heart beat is monitored at the patient's bedside.

For patients that require a more specialized level of care away from the labor and delivery unit, such as in our Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Sisters Hospital offers both bedside and continuous remote monitoring of the baby's heart rate. Our team of nurses and physicians can record your baby's heart rate and view the results in your room and on the Labor and Delivery floor. This level of care and quality is what makes Sisters Hospital so special.

Remote monitoring enables Sisters Hospital to observe mom and baby as closely as possible.

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Birthing Positions

Moms may deliver in a variety of positions (side-lying, traditional, and more), depending on if an epidural is used, which decreases sensation in the lower half of the body and prevents certain positions from being achieved.

Our staff makes every effort possible to accommodate patient requests. We welcome birth plans, which the patient develops in conjunction with her physician, and will work with our patients to meet their goals.

Pain Relief

To reduce pain during labor, moms may choose to have an epidural, which reduces sensation in the abdominal and genital and pelvic areas.

Moms who do not have an epidural may use our exercise/birthing ball to assist with comfort. The act of sitting and bouncing on the ball opens the birth canal and allows gravity to assist in the birth. The ball also enables moms to change positions more easily and the natural back and forth swaying movement encourages the relaxation of muscles to relieve pain and stress.

Birthing Coaches and Visitors

Sisters Hospital allows two visitors in the delivery room, in addition to a birthing coach. However, the number of visitors allowed may depend on the preference of the patient's physician.

Video Chatting with Military Spouses / Partners

If the father of your baby will be overseas during your delivery, you may bring a laptop equipped with a webcam so that he may share in the birthing experience. For patients without access to a computer, arrangements can be made to borrow a laptop. Please make arrangements two weeks before your due date by contacting Mary D'Angelo at (716) 862-2026 or Lisa Smith at (716) 862-1896.

Post-Partum Care

Sisters Hospital offers comfortable, private rooms and bathrooms for most new moms after delivery.

17 standard rooms are available and each are equipped with private showers.

Special Beginnings Suites

Two “Special Beginnings” Suites, available for an additional $100 per night, include:

  • 32” flat screen TV
  • Refrigerator stocked with refreshments
  • Coffee maker with specialty coffees, teas and hot chocolate
  • Pullout sleeper sofa with twin mattress for a guest to stay overnight
  • Wireless internet capability
  • Free 30-minute massage for mom
  • Gift basket for parents and baby

Suites are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Care and Recovery

In the Special BirthPlace, nurses work one-on-one with moms to provide advice on breastfeeding, care of a newborn, and what to expect after discharge. One nurse may care for up to five or seven patients in the Special BirthPlace; by maintaining this ratio, we're able to spend as much time as needed with each patient.

Dimmer lights in our patient rooms make it possible for babies to stay comfortably with mom and dad. If babies are returned to the nursery, they will receive care from RNs who are specially trained to understand the clinical and emotional needs of mother and baby. One nurse may care for up to seven babies.

The Newborn Nursery staff is available to support families in the care of their baby, increasing their confidence, competence and comfort. Parent education is a major focus for the newborn staff. In addition to bedside teaching and our complimentary “Newborn Channel,” education classes cover basic baby care and breastfeeding information prior to discharge.

Room Service

At Sisters Hospital, meals are delivered much like room service at a hotel. Patients can call our "At Your Service" room service number (5777) any time between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. and order food of their choosing.

Each meal is cooked-to-order, prepared with fresh ingredients, and every tray is delivered within 45 minutes or less of the time it is ordered.

Click here for more information about patient amenities at Sisters Hospital.


We have a massage therapy department on-site. You can request a massage for relaxation or if a physician orders it for therapeutic reasons. Click here for rates.

A free 30-minute massage is included for moms who stay in our Special Beginnings Suites.

I just want to sincerely thank all of the nurses at Sisters Hospital for the wonderful care I received when I delivered my son in January.

What a great team of nurses and midwifes, especially my nurse Kathy Gardner. She held my hands the entire time and reassured me that everything was going to be ok! It was so nice to have a nurse who cared about her patient and was focused on making me as comfortable as possible.

Click here to read more.


We are a Level III NICU specifically designed for acutely ill or premature babies.

Our NICU sets us apart from other hospitals who cannot provide this level of care and who must transport actutely ill or premature babies to a different facility, separating mom and baby. At Sisters Hospital, both mother and child receive care at the same place and in a matter of minutes, resulting in the best outcomes possible.

Our state-of-the-art NICU is designed to support our tiniest patients in a developmentally appropriate environment that minimizes light and sound. This supports optimum growth while providing space and privacy for babies and their families.

Medical Staff and Caretakers

Our infants are cared for by a team of:

  • specialized physicians (neonatologists),
  • nurse practitioners,
  • registered nurses,
  • physical, occupational and respiratory therapists,
  • a neonatal nutritionist, and
  • a licensed psychotherapist.

In our NICU, one nurse is assigned to only two or three babies so that each child receives the care that he or she needs for optimum health.

If you have questions after your visit, you can obtain the most up-to-date information about your baby by calling (716) 862-1271. Feel free to call anytime but understand that information will only be released to the parents. You will be asked for your baby’s ID number each time you visit or call.


We have two suites available for parents to bond with their baby or babies. These rooms offer a respite for parents who are far from home. Prior to discharge, parents are encouraged to spend the night with their infants in the suites. This gives parents the opportunity to gain confidence in caring for their baby or babies. The suites are assigned as available.

Our Family Room, adjacent to the unit, is a welcoming spot for friends and relatives to relax away from the baby's bedside. A private telephone area, television, beverage machine, refrigerator and microwave are available for our families to use while with us. A variety of toys are also available for our younger visitors.

Parking Passes

We offer complimentary parking passes for families of infants who will be in our nursery for an extended stay. They are issued by the unit social worker.

Cuddler Program

For babies in the NICU, cuddling can lead to better tolerance of pain, more stable body temperatures and even stronger vital signs.

The NICU Cuddler Program at Sisters of Charity Hospital supports the development and growth of premature babies by providing advanced volunteer “cuddlers”.  The volunteers are hospital-trained to interact with premature babies during times when their parents can’t be with them at the hospital. 

With their soft voices, warm arms and gentle sway, our volunteers put babies at ease in the midst of beeping monitors and the echo of machines at work. The cuddlers hold the babies, read to them or quietly sing to them. This serene interaction provides comfort and appropriate stimulation, which helps premature infants to grow faster and hopefully go home sooner. Volunteers do not feed, change diapers or walk around with the babies.

Babies may be in the NICU for months, and with other commitments and family members to care for, parents are not available full-time. They can take solace in the fact that our cuddlers are there to provide that human touch needed by all babies.

Our cuddlers go through extensive training beyond what is required of a typical volunteer at the hospital. They must maintain very strict infection control practices, in addition to all the hospital and NICU policies and confidentiality requirements.

What to Bring to the Hospital

At Sisters Hospital, each mom receives an amenity gift bag with Crabtree and Evelyn bath products for her comfort, as well as a Dining Inn gift certificate for a family member. A Halo Sleep Sack, a wearable baby blanket that replaces loose blankets in the crib, is also provided.

You will need to bring the following to the hospital:

  • Tooth brush and toothpaste
  • Pajamas, bathrobe and slippers
  • Hair dryer, if needed
  • Baby clothes and blankets for baby's trip home


Tours of the Special BirthPlace at Sisters Hospital should be arranged several weeks in advance of your due date. Please call Prenatal Education at (716) 862-1968 to schedule your tour of the Special BirthPlace.

If you are attending one of our Prepared Childbirth classes, you do not need to arrange a tour of the maternity department, as it is included as part of the program.

Becoming a Patient

To find a doctor who delivers at Sisters of Charity Hospital, click here to search our physician directory or contact our HealthConnection representatives at (716) 706-2112 from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday - Friday.

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