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Childbirth Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to our frequently asked questions. To submit a new question, please email our maternity staff.


Do you have birthing tubs?

While Mercy Hospital of Buffalo has four jacuzzi tubs for pain management, it is physician preference not to deliver in tubs. There are no tubs at Sisters Hospital, at present.

What kind of medications do you offer for moms in labor?

At Mercy Hospital, we offer massage, hydrotherapy, jacuzzi baths and positioning. We also offer an epidural or an injection of Nubain, which is a pain reliever.

At Sisters Hospital, we do not have the jacuzzi tubs, but we do have massage and narcotics, as well as epidurals. Nurses will work you to change position, and use warmed blankets, ambulation and birthing balls to facilitate the progress of labor.

Can I bring my own hospital gown to wear during labor?

We do permit patients to wear their own gowns, but prefer that you wear a hospital gown, as they are fashioned with snaps at the sleeves for easy maneuvering around IV's.

When I give birth, will I have to take out my tongue ring?

We do request that patient's remove all tongue jewelry. This is to prevent an accidental dislodgement during an emergency requiring general anesthesia.

Do you allow video recording during labor?

Yes. We ask that you check with your physician for his or her approval and ask permission from any staff members before you photograph them. As long as there is no interference with care delivery, we encourage you to create memories of that very special event.


Can the father of my baby stay overnight?

Yes, the father of the baby is always welcome to stay overnight.

At Mercy Hospital, a sleeper sofa is available to dad, while at Sisters Hospital, there are fold-out chairs in each birthing room.

Can my child visit me and his or her new sibling while I'm at the hospital?

Per the state health code, children under 14 are allowed to visit their new sibling while in the hospital. However, all visitors must be free from illness (i.e. cold and flu).

All other visitors must be over 14 years of age.

How many people are allowed in the labor room and delivery room? What if a C-section is needed?

We welcome family to share in the experience of labor as long as there is no disruption to other patients and the nurse is able to provide safe care. Guests may be asked to leave the room periodically in order for certain procedures or tasks. We always want to respect mom's privacy.

We limit visitors to two during the actual delivery.

In the Operating Room for a C-section, only one support person is permitted.

Private Rooms and Specialty Suites

What is the cost of the private room?

All of our patient rooms are private and feature private showers.

Specialty suites, available for $100 per night, include flat-screen TVs and refrigerators stocked with refreshments.

How can I reserve a specialty suite?

Suites are available on a first-come, first-serve basis to our patients. When you arrive in Labor and Delivery, let your nurse know of your preference and we will do everything possible to accommodate your request.

How can I schedule a tour of the maternity suites?

Tours should be arranged several weeks in advance of your due date. Please call HealthConnection at (716) 706-2112 to schedule your tour.

If you are attending our Prepared Childbirth class, a tour is included in the class schedule.

Breast Pumps

Are breast pumps available for rent?

We do not rent breast pumps outside of the hospital.

We recommend Care Connection for rentals.

High-risk Pregnancies

I have a high risk pregnancy and was told my baby might need a NICU stay. What is that and do you have those services? And if something happens to me, do you have the same thing for adult women?

NICU stands for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

A NICU  provides 24-hour care to sick or premature infants. Should your baby require intensive care, we're able to treat him or her on-site, so that mom and baby remain at the same facility. Both Sisters Hospital and Mercy Hospital have NICUs in addition to nurseries for newborns.

We also have adult intensive care units also. Sisters Hospital and Mercy Hospital are two of few hospitals in Western New York with intensive care units for moms and babies in the same building. That means that if your baby needs special care and you do as well, you can stay in the same hospital and not have to move. 

Discharge from Hospital

Do I (and my baby) have to stay in the hospital for 48 hours after a vaginal delivery, or can we check out after 24 hours if all is well?

A healthy mom may go home after 24 hours if her doctor agrees and discharges her. The pediatrician must also discharge the baby. In these cases, we usually try to set up a visit from a Home Care nurse the next day to make sure all goes well.

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