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Jean O'Hara, Office Manager

Jean O'Hara, Office Manager

Years of experience: Over 30 years

Lives in: Orchard Park

Why I became a medical office manager:

I became a medical office manager to assist physicians and providers in the care of patients. The patient is our main focus, and we want to make sure that they have every opportunity to receive high-quality care.

What I like best about primary care:

The primary care setting gives us a chance to interact with the patient and hopefully prevent future illness and hospitalizations.

Patient care to me means:

Giving patients the best care possible, while using our best customer service skills.

Care to my patient means:

Compassionate, quality care in a friendly, warm environment.

One of my most memorable experiences in primary care was:

As a manager, I have tried to develop and create a staff "team" approach to care. Once we began to do this, we began to see happier patients. Patients feel like we are approachable and truly care for them. The staff team works together with the patient to conquer fear, deal with problems and look ahead to future healthy days!

My prenatal care philosophy is:

A healthy mom equals a healthy baby, equals a healthy life!

Being a healthy woman means:

Today's women need to make themselves a priority in their own lives. Take time to be your best and enjoy life. Make every moment count!

I try to make my patients healthy overall by:

Being positive and developing an open communication line between our office staff and the patients.

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