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Carmen Repicci, Lactation Consultant

Carmen Repicci, Lactation Consultant

Years of experience: 22 years

Lives in: Gowanda

Why I became a nurse:

I always like to help others in need. As a nurse, you are always helping someone on a daily basis.

What I like best about primary care:

The ability to provide education with the intent to make patients aware of healthier living and to empower them to make healthier decisions.

Patient care to me means:

Providing the best nursing care that you can give on an individual level to best meet the patient's needs.

Care to my patient means:

It is provided in a non-judgemental and open manner so that the patient feels comfortable enough to share what is going on with them, so that I can best tailor care to meet their needs.

One of my most memorable experiences in primary care was:

Becoming part of the breastfeeding initiative.

My prenatal care philosophy is:

To provide individualized care that incorporates knowledgeable information so that patients can make an informed decision in their prenatal care. My philosophy is to empower them and make their prenatal and postnatal care a rewarding experience.

Being a healthy woman means:

Having a fine balance between your mental, physical and spiritual self.

I try to make my patients healthy overall by:

Making them aware of their current condition and how to incorporate lifestyle modifications that can improve their health.

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